The Beaux’ Stratagem: laugh-out-loud comedy

For sheer, laugh-out-loud fun, look no further than The Beaux’ Stratagem! The first Restoration comedy produced by the Festival since 1995’s The Country Wife, this deliciously hilarious romp will keep you laughing from beginning to end.

Whether you’re an avid fan of the genre or have never seen – or, heard – of a Restoration comedy before, there are many reasons to rush to the front of the line for tickets to The Beaux’ Stratagem, and we’ve come up with just a few for you today.

A cast overflowing with Festival favourites

If you only need one reason to see this play, our brilliant cast speaks for itself. The charming leading men, Colm Feore and Mike Shara, team up to play the titular conniving beaux, Archer and Aimwell, with award-winning Martha Henry returning for her milestone 40th Festival season as Lady Bountiful. Joining them are many Festival favourites who hardly need any introduction, including Bethany Jillard as Dorinda, Lucy Peacock as Mrs. Sullen and Scott Wentworth as Mr. Sullen.

An incredibly gifted director

One look at Antoni Cimolino’s track record and you’ll know that The Beaux’ Stratagem is in very capable hands. Mr. Cimolino has been at the helm of many of the Festival’s most celebrated productions, including The Merchant of Venice and Cymbeline, and, of course, last season’s smash hit, Mary Stuart, which was extended an unprecedented four times.

It’s funny – like, really funny

Yes, it was written in 1707, but with its dark humour and bustling plot full of sexual conquests and amusing antics, audiences should expect a fast-paced, rollicking comedy with themes still relevant in 2014. With hardly a dull moment to be found, The Beaux’ Stratagem is filled to the brim with contemporary wit, bountiful humour and a rich cast of characters that make it must-see theatre. We sure hope to see you there!

Clockwise from left: Bethany Jillard, Lucy Peacock, Colm Feore, Martha Henry, Mike Shara Photography by Don Dixon. Digital Artist: Krista Dodson

Clockwise from left: Bethany Jillard, Lucy Peacock, Colm Feore, Martha Henry, Mike Shara
Photography by Don Dixon. Digital Artist: Krista Dodson

George Farquhar’s The Beaux’ Stratagem follows madly comic antics of two impoverished rakes, who, disguising their identities, arrive in the town of Lichfield seeking to restore their fortunes by wooing wealthy women. As the two connive to relieve ladies of their wealth, they must contend with a suspicious local innkeeper and his band of highwaymen, and with an acquaintance privy to their true identity.

For more information on the production, please visit our website:

Previews for The Beaux’ Stratagem begin July 31. The play officially opens on August 15. For tickets, please call our box office at 1.800.567.1600 or visit our website


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