Press Release | Tyrone Guthrie Awards celebrate Festival artists and staff

September 23, 2013… The Stratford Festival held its 60th Annual Tyrone Guthrie Awards on Saturday, September 14, honouring company members, theatre staff and alumni with more than $75,000 in cash awards.

The awards, named after the Festival’s first Artistic Director, were created by members of the first acting company to provide financial assistance for training, development and personal projects. They are funded each year from the proceeds of designated performances and income from endowed awards. This year, the designated Guthrie performance was Fiddler on the Roof.

Artistic Director Antoni Cimolino and Executive Director Anita Gaffney extend their congratulations to all recipients. Mr. Cimolino was honoured to present the Artistic Director’s Award to actor Scott Wentworth and the Peter Donaldson Award to actor Antoine Yared.

The Guthrie Awards allow recipients to pursue a variety of projects. This year awards were given to support professional development opportunities in design, music, dance, vocal work and technical design such as wigs and prop making. Other awards support personal development, travel, theatre abroad and equipment such as cameras, computers and software. Since their inception, the Guthrie Awards have given more than $2 million to more than 2,700 individuals.

All members of the Festival company and staff, both past and present, are eligible for these awards and are invited to submit applications. The 2013 Guthrie Awards committee, chaired by actor Steve Ross, consisted of fellow actors Robin Hutton, Monique Lund and Seana McKenna and Stage Manager Michael Hart, Creative Planning Director Jason Miller, Head of Wigs and Makeup Gerald Altenburg and Education and Editorial Coordinator Shira Ginsler.

2013 Tyrone Guthrie Award Winners

In addition to the awards given from the general fund, the following named awards are presented at the ceremony:

Jean A. Chalmers Apprentice Achievement Award (for an apprentice in any department of the Festival): Christopher Sibbald
Maureen Forrester Award (to study classical voice): Kaitlyn Riordan
Tom Patterson Award (to a designer in training): Sara Brzozowski
Mary Savidge Award (for an actress who has shown outstanding commitment to her craft): Ruby Joy
Dora Mavor Moore Award (for a young person who has made an outstanding contribution to the Festival in either acting, writing, design, direction or production):  Krista Leis
Renato La Selva Award (for a member of the Wardrobe Department): Thea C. Crawford
Amelia Hall Award (for travel): Nigel Bennett
John Hirsch Award (for the young actor who shows the greatest potential): Josue Laboucane
Anne Selby Award (for an artist to travel for study or research): Dorcas Sowunmi
Max Helpmann Award (for dedication and tenacity): Chick Reid
Jean Gascon Award (to enable a director to take on an assignment outside the Festival): Andrea Donaldson
Brian Jackson Award (for theatre design study): Itai Erdal
Jean A. Chalmers Training Award (for training and classes): Sean Dolan, Kira Guloien, Sean Alexander Hauk, Ethan Ioannidis, Tami MacDonald, Robert Markus
Al Jones Award (to allow an individual a much-needed break): Jay Klassen
Richard March Award (to mount a musical or cabaret workshop): Katrina Reynolds
Elliott Hayes Playwright Development Fund (for the further development of new works for the theatre): Ken Schwartz
Douglas Campbell Award (to assist in the creation of theatre): Tyrone Savage
William Needles Award (in recognition of mentors or those with unexpected challenges): Dave Kerr, Bill Kraft
Jack Hutt Humanitarian Award (for kindness and warm human spirit): Roy Lewis
Dama Lumley Bell Award (for training or to recognize achievement in production crafts): Michelle Jamieson
Michael Mawson Award (for a graduate of the Festival’s training program): Brad Hodder
KP Hay Award (celebrating the life of  Karen P. Hay, Festival Head Scenic Artist for many years): Michelle Barnier
Lindsay Thomas Award (celebrating the life of actress Lindsay Thomas): Stephen Cota
David Edney Travel Grant (for an actor to spend a month in Paris): Sabryn Rock
Peter Donaldson Award (for an actor in the classical company): Antoine Yared
Bradley Garrick Award (for a present or past company member exploring an alternative area of the arts): Rachel Crowther
City of Stratford Award (funded by the city, to assist a local resident in gaining further training): Jenna McCutchen
Richard Monette Travel Grant (for an actor to travel): Ian Lake
Derek F. Mitchell Artistic Director’s Award (selected by the Artistic Director, Antoni Cimolino): Scott Wentworth
In addition to these named awards, the committee also granted funds to:

Andy Allen, stage crew
*Gerald Altenburg, wigs & makeup
Karl Ang, actor
Gabriel Antonacci, actor
Susy Arnold, wardrobe
*Brian Bedford, actor and director
Heather Bellingham, Production Assistant
Monica Berg, wardrobe
Len Biedron, administration
Shauna Black, actor
Ben Bolt-Martin, musician
*Scott Boyce, usher
Daniel Briere, actor
Michele Buchanan, usher
Susie Burnett, actor
Anna Burton, call centre representative
Ross Campbell, former usher
David Campion, musician
Shane Carty, actor
Todd Charlton, sound designer
Natalie Crittenden, sewer
Charmaine Cummings, usher
Terri Dans, cutter
Laura Darby, Festival Exhibition
*Shawn DeSouza-Coelho, local jobber
*Rosie Driscoll, Company Manager
*Thompson Duff, local jobber
*Paul Duncan, call centre representative and local jobber
Melanie Farrar, cutter
Lena Festoso, wigs & makeup
Jeanne Ford, usher
*W. Shaw Forgeron, local jobber
Ian Fraser, driver
Jacquelyn French, actor
Gillian Gallow, designer
Pamela Jane Gerrand, former actor
Jennifer Goodman, assistant designer
June Gunn, sewer
Karen Hancock, sewer
Valerie Hawkins, actor
*Desmond Heeley, designer
Lorna Henderson, wigs & makeup
*Katie Honek, Production Assistant
Tony Iacobellis, facilities
Bethany Jillard, actor
Julia Juhas, actor
Laurie Krempien-Hall, first hand
Kaileigh Krysztofiak, technical director
*Myrna Lewis, facilities
Jareth Li, assistant designer
Nick Lobodycz, Greenroom
John Lowe, stage crew
John Luesink, facilities
Marjorie Lundrigan, facilities
Jane Mallory, call centre representative and wardrobe maintenance
*Andy Mark, administration
Heather Martin, administration
Diana Matheson, usher
Kelly McIntosh, house manager
Lindsay Molenhuis, administration
Josie Muncaster, usher
Mike Nadajewski, actor
Sherri Neeb, wardrobe maintenance
Nicholas Nesbitt, actor
Marek Norman, musical director
Kristen Nuhn, Festival Exhibition
*Stephen Patterson, actor
Emma Pawluk, sewer
*Cal Potter, usher and local jobber
*Gareth Potter, actor
*Tina Poulin, facilities
Kevin Ramessar, musician
*Eliesha Richardson, call centre representative
Jennifer Rider-Shaw, actor
Andrew Robinson, actor
Mike Shara, actor
Lee Siegel, actor
Maxine Smith, usher
E.B. Smith, actor
Laura Snowden, sewer
Barbara Storey, former usher
Krista Swetman, administration
Ben Thomas, usher
Dylan Trowbridge, actor
Sharon Twamley, usher
*Reid Vanier, local jobber
Colleen White, administration
*Darla Wicke, food & beverage
Maria Williams, administration
Cael Wishart, gardener
*Christine Yundt, sewer
Rebecca Zimmerman, sewer
Festival Hockey Team
Festival Cricket Team

*Indicates an unsolicited award, for which the recipient was nominated by his or her colleagues.



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