Top 10 Theatre Store must-haves

by Valerie Morelli

If you’ve never been to the Theatre Store, now is the time to go! We have a ton of new treasures specially designed to reflect this season’s playbill. Our buyer undergoes an extensive research process of reading scripts, seeing the performances and speaking with the actors and creative teams that allows her to search out unique mementos that make perfect gifts for any theatre enthusiast.

We’ve compiled a list of the hottest items at our Theatre Store this season to showcase some of the new keepsakes you’ll be able to find at our store.

Top 10 Theatre Store must-haves

One-of-a-kind Stratford Festival playbill tee

Every year this item gets a makeover to showcase the season playbill alongside the Festival’s logo. This is the perfect item to commemorate your visit to the theatre. There’s even a mug to match.

2013 Stratford Festival T-Shirts

2013 Stratford Festival T-Shirts

Rockin’ Tommy swag

Specially designed professional drumsticks and guitar picks are must-haves to complete your rock musical experience.

Genuine costume fabric ornaments

Take home a piece of your favourite productions with these handcrafted ornaments containing fabric from the season’s costumes. These items are limited edition, so act fast to get your hands on them!

Chagall-inspired Fiddler on the Roof mug

This mug features the same painting that was commissioned for our 2013 Visitors Guide. Your morning coffee never looked so good!

Romeo and Juliet handcrafted mug

This simple mug with an old red seal reflects Tim Carroll’s vision of going back to Shakespeare’s original practices. Local potter Chris Lass was commissioned to handcraft these mugs, making each one a unique treasure!

Laura Jenkins’ creative jewellery

This beautiful jewellery is designed and created by Hamilton artist Laura Jenkins, who turns real pages from books like Romeo and Juliet into one-of-a-kind wearable pieces.

Three Musketeers kids shirt – en garde!

All for one and one for all! Your fun-filled family trip wouldn’t be complete without a crested shirt labelled “The 4th Musketeer.” (Fun fact: all of the Theatre Store’s shirts are produced by a local screen printing company!)

Quotable shot glasses

This playful barware is labelled with drinking quotes from three of this season’s productions: The Three Musketeers, Romeo and Juliet and Blithe Spirit.

Cynthia Dale sings… More  

The Theatre Store has a fantastic collection of albums by past and present Festival artists, including Cynthia Dale, Bruce Dow, George Meanwell, Lee Siegel, Geraint Wyn Davies and Josh Young – check them out!

Books and scripts for all!

There are so many wonderful reads at the Theatre Store that we couldn’t pick just one to feature! We carry a number of books and graphic novels that help make the Bard more accessible to young people – or browse through some of this season’s scripts before watching the stories unfold on stage!



2013 Stratford Festival Production Scripts

2013 Stratford Festival Production Scripts

Come by one of our two Theatre Store locations – across from the Festival Theatre and adjacent to the Avon – and find your new favourite Festival treasure.

Can’t wait to start shopping? Many of our items are available online – visit


3 thoughts on “Top 10 Theatre Store must-haves

  1. Great suggestions. But the ONE thing I have to get every year is a mug! Morning coffee replay of plays gone by – and great theatre. Best wake-up, ever. Have a shelf-ful.

  2. I always grab some pens (though this year’s don’t seem as good a quality as past years’) and the calendars–already have lots and lots of the mugs and enjoy them very much. Whenever there’s a new Wingfield (Rod Beattie) I grab it, but this year’s treasure is Lee Siegel’s debut CD!!!

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