Happy un-leap day! – Get your fix with $29 TiXX

Who says leap year can only happen once every four years? People loved our 2012 leap day promotion so much that we decided to break the mould this year and celebrate “un-leap day” with the launch of our TiXX program on March 1. Visit us online and get $29 tickets to a wide variety of performances throughout April, May and June! 


Starting on un-leap day (a.k.a. March 1) at 9:00 a.m., log into our website and visit our TiXX page for a huge selection of $29 tickets! You’ll be able to book up to four seats for each of the performances we offer.

Our first batch of TiXX applies to select performances the following productions:

Take a sneak peek at twelve of the shows you’ll be seeing on stage this season!

Happy un-leap day and happy saving!

Visit our website for details about our TiXX program.


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