9 thoughts on “Antoni Cimolino officially takes over as artistic director, unveils new logo, returns to name ‘Stratford Festival’

  1. I love the new logo and new/old name! I guess that changes what my tattoo was going to be (- old logo, just kidding). My family, friends and Kids4Bard are excited for this new venture for the Festival and look with eagerness at what Mr. Cimolino’s vision will bring. I know I’m planning on bringing the Kids4Bard kids to the interactive discussions and forums. That will be time well spent on my vacation days. Keep up the great work!

  2. I love the new logo – it’s classic and elegant AND modern and direct. The 2013 playbill looks very exciting, and I’m thrilled about some of my favourite actors returning. Best wishes to you all!

  3. I’d be interested to learn where the money has come from to rebrand the Festival yet again! Since this has happened can all assume that the staff that have been laid off are now back to work? If not why should anyone support an organization that can rebrand themselves every few years and not be concerned about their employees and disregarding the massive losses in revenue from the last season?

  4. To be honest, the new logo looks cheap. Like something a kid can do in 5 minutes. The “T” in Festival is almost totally hidden by the “F” in Stratford. How’d that escape the proofing period? As I said, it looks cheap.

    I agree with “thatsthebook”. New Artistic director seems to mean new logo &/or name.

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  6. Congratulations Antoni on becoming Artistic Director and on your ‘old is new again’ name & simple, classic logo. ‘Stratford Festival’ certainly resonates with our family for different reasons. We had created the name ‘Stratfest’ for ourselves to talk about our incredible experiences at the Festival. We are also in the process of returning to and learning about our family’s roots in Stratford. We have no doubt that the Bard will continue to be a part of the heart and soul of the Festival. We look forward to embracing all you have to offer in 2013 and for many years and generations to come. Thank you for all you do to inspire us!

    • Like our family’s nickname ‘Stratfest,’ the name ‘Stratford Festival’ embodies & embraces all the wondrous aspects of what we experience on stage, behind the scenes and beyond at the Stratford Festival.

  7. I’m glad you went back to the former name. The word “Shakespeare” in the middle never sounded quite right — I wanted to make it “Shakespearean” but that just added more syllables. So I always called it just “Stratford Festival”. Thank you.

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