Backstage at the Festival – Part II!

by Lisa Middleton

AHOY, MATEY!  Cap’n Lisa Middleton here fer’yer backstage voyage – part two!

Earlier this season we took you on a backstage tour of the Festival Theatre, if you missed the first part of the tour catch up here. It’s time to finish the tour, so let’s pick up where we left off…

The bijoux room! We have an incredibly talented group of people working to create all of the beautiful jewelry and ornamentation that you see on stage – from earrings, to rings, to necklaces, to the fine details that you see on hats, gloves and hairpieces!

And we have just about everything a girl could wish for when it comes to earrings!

Gigantic ring, anyone? And believe me, there are lots more!

Sorry. Button break! Let’s move on!

One of my favourite places backstage is the millinery room! When we say that we do it all here in Stratford, we really mean it! From the heels of the boots to the feathers on top of the hats, we’re making it all in-house – sized to fit!

Do you recognize these hats from Pirates and 42nd Street ?

I tried my hand in the dye room – a vat of vino? Nope, we’re cooking t-shirts today!

And the finished product:

 See if you can recognize any of the shoes from our 2012 season in the photos below:

I thought I would try making a pair of shoes… they kicked me out pretty quickly!

Gorgeous…  When can they custom-make me a pair?

Let’s move back to the prop shop!

So lifelike – and yet, no odour!

Served on a silver platter twice weekly at the Harmonia Gardens Hotel, on the set of The Matchmaker!
 If only this were made of actual silver.  Then I’d be in the money!

Our properties assistants are amazing at making something that looks very heavy feel very light! Ahhh, the magic of theatre!

The ladies of 42nd Street are oh-so syncrohnized in the “Dames” scene!  Me, not so much.
Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “a pat on the back.”

These shields from Cymbeline are built for battle – and they’re heavy. Kudos to the actors who carry them!

One of my favourite props from the season is this steampunk-inspired “boat” from The Pirates of Penzance!

And that brings us to end of the tour – and the end for this unfortunate fellow, as well!
Thanks for joining me backstage at the Festival! Don’t forget to come see all of these amazing pieces on stage before they’re gone forever!

Have you been backstage at the Festival before?


3 thoughts on “Backstage at the Festival – Part II!

  1. That hand wasn’t used last year in Titus, by any chance? Also, the headless body- is that the one actually used in Cymbeline, or a rehearsal prop? I ask because I have fond memories of our headless ‘actor’ at the Shakespeare School. We named him Oswald.

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