Elektra : “Vengeance is coming.”

by Christi Rutledge

If you’re looking for a theatre experience that gives you a gripping story of justice and revenge, look no further than our current production of Elektra!

Athenian director Thomas Moschopoulos makes his Festival debut with this heralded Greek tragedy; you may know him as the artist behind the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympics in 2004. His stunning vision for Elektra – combined with Anne Carson’s searing translation of the play and Ellie Papageorgakopoulou’s brilliant set design – make this production resonate deeply with contemporary audiences.

For those who don’t know it, here’s a bit about the story:

Elektra begins in front of the palace of Argos years after King Agamemnon, Elektra’s father, has been murdered by Queen Clytemestra and her lover, Aigisthos. In spite of warnings from the women of Mykenai and her sister, Chrysothemis, Elektra vehemently voices her grief and cries out to the gods for vengeance. Hope lies in the return of her brother, Orestes, who escaped the violence of Agamemnon’s death in the arms of a loyal servant. But before Elektra’s demands for justice are met, she must suffer another devastating blow.

Star Yanna McIntosh beautifully portrays the near-maddening need for vengeance that characterizes Elektra – and she’s superbly pitted against Seana McKenna as Clytemestra. With Graham Abbey (Aigisthos), Laura Condlln (Chrysothemis), Peter Hutt (Old Man), IanLake (Orestes) and E.B. Smith (Pylates) also in the cast, you’ll be left hanging off every word and rooting for the demise of Elektra’s antagonists. But be careful what you wish for!

Next to the exquisite acting, the music composed by Kornilios Selamsis was my favourite element of this show. The chorus members sing hauntingly beautiful dissonant and atonal melodies completely a capella – it’s breathtaking. It needs to be experienced by everyone!

Here’s what you had to say about Elektra:

Elektra was magnificent. I was spellbound for the entire production. Everything about it was outstanding. The costumes, the staging, the attention to details. Every actor turned in a magnificent performance.” – Facebook fan

“Saw the first preview or Elektra yesterday – what a terrific production! Yanna is outstanding as Elektra, and no one does cruel beauty like Seana. I especially appreciated the use of the chorus! An ancient classic brought to modern sensibilities. Thank you!” – Facebook fan

“If you want to more than entertainment & theatre w/ a strong aesthetic vision, a ballet, an ancient song, go see #ssfelektra  @stratfest” – Twitter fan

Check out this great rehearsal footage and hear what the creative team has to say about the role of the Chorus in Greek tragedy.

There are only 23 performances of Elektra left this season and tickets are selling quickly! Log into our website today to book your seats and experience Greek tragedy with twenty-first century style!


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