#QinStratford Campaign!

On Tuesday, November 29, 2011, at 3:28 p.m., the city of Stratford embarked on a collective mission to get CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi to broadcast a live episode of his program Q here this February.

So, Stratford, what have we done in the past three days?

The campaign started with a Facebook page, where Stratfordites and Stratford lovers are invited to come and share answers to three questions:

– What makes Stratfordunique?
– What makes Stratford a place Q should showcase to the continent?
– Why are we so passionate about arts, culture, and entertainment in Stratford?

Then the tweeting began to get #QinStratford – and what overwhelming support we’ve had! Let me share some of my favourite tweets…

Danmathieson Dan Mathieson
@jianghomeshi if #QinStratford comes to theFestivalCity for a show in February, I will declare it Q Day in the city ofStratford – you in?

tobidh tobidh
#Stratford is in the top 10 cultural destinations in Canada. bit.ly/fVKIdK @JianGhomeshi come and see for yourself! #QinStratford

pmaudio Peter McBoyle
Come to Stratty In Feb, you could probably tap dance on the 42nd Street floor with @CynthiaDale. How fun would that be? #QinStratford

CynthiaDale Cynthia Dale
@pmaudio …thanks you!….maybe we need to buy @jianghomeshi a pair of tap shoes to get #Qinstratford!!!

… And a little note of encouragement came from the host himself!

jianghomeshi jian ghomeshi
Looks like #Stratford bid for Q Live has grown very quickly. A very organized town effort. We’re humbled. Thx you guys. facebook.com/qinstratford

After rallying support through social networks, the town took their message to the streets with a good ol’-fashioned grassroots poster campaign. Everyone has helped to spread the word and shared whyStratfordis unique – they’ve even posed in photos with Jian (or as close as they could get – for now)! With tons of artisanal shops, as well as world-class restaurants that offer local food and matchless culinary flair, our downtown is vital to this community, and is a big part of why we believe Q should come here!

What else has been going on, you ask?

Our local news papers have helped spread the word about the campaign through feature articles on the bid to bring Q toStratford, and our Mayor, Dan Mathieson, has done a live radio broadcast to rally town support. (Back-up from local stars like Bruce Dow and Cynthia Dale hasn’t hurt, either! Thanks, all.)

Blogs encouraging Jian to come here have been popping up all over the web, written by locals as well as other arts and culture organizations. Have you read any of these?

Jian in Stratford! Let’s do it!

60 seasons – 60 cultural reasons

Hey, Jian, we want you in Stratford!

Many people have been posting photos of our city on Facebook and Twitter. Since our nineteenth-century architecture and our deep appreciation of nature are central to Stratford’s culture, it is no surprise that people should want to share these gorgeous images.

Videos?  We’ve seen a ton!

Interviews with Measha Brueggergosman

A Heritage Minute dedicated to the Festival

What makes Stratforda thriving cultural centre

Stratford arts and culture testimonials

And more keep coming from local businesses, Stratfordites and other arts and culture organizations around the city!

We’d like to thank everyone involved in the campaign to bring Q to Stratford! Special thanks go to the city of Stratford; our Mayor, Dan Mathieson, and other local members of government; our downtown businesses; the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus; the Stratford Tourism Alliance; and the people of Stratford who have so enthusiastically tweeted #QinStratford, liked our campaign page and in all other ways shared why our city should – nay – must be celebrated!  You’re the ones that have made this happen!

We have made huge strides in only a few days, beating out the competition for Facebook “likes” after entering the race a week past its starting date. Let’s keep it up!


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