Hey, Jian, we want you in Stratford!


Fellow Stratfordians and Stratford-lovers: Help us in our efforts to bring Jian Ghomeshi to Stratford for a broadcast of his CBC radio show Q! Tweet to @jianghomeshi using hashtag #QInStratford, and “like” us on our Facebook page Bring Q to Stratford Jian (www.facebook.com/qinstratford).

Dear Jian: Looking for a great Canadian city in which to host an edition of Q? Look no further – Stratford would love to have you, and we’re sure you’ll love everything our city has to offer. We can picture you here already…

A city that turned itself from a struggling industrial town in the early 1950s into a cultural hot-spot, Stratford’s a stellar example of the transforming power of the arts.

Its glorious centrepiece is the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, about to celebrate its 60th season of producing some of the best classical theatre in the world. Starting with a dream and an initial investment of just $125, the Festival is now a $60-million-a-year enterprise that generates more than $145 million in annual economic activity – and gives Canadians everywhere reason to be proud.

But Stratford’s cultural richness doesn’t stop there. From music to literature to visual arts, our city is a hotbed of innovation and creativity. You’ll want to check out Gallery Stratford, which houses 997 permanent pieces and fascinating exhibitions year-round. Or stop by Gallery 96, our local artist run co-op. Our city is also home to such other cultural attractions as Stratford Summer Music, Art in the Park and Factory 163.

No wonder so many artists love to work and live here. Take a listen to Sweet Thunder by Duke Ellington: did you know he dedicated it to Stratford?

Have you seen how beautiful this place is? Stratford has breathtaking gardens and parks and some charming architecture that you’re going to love strolling by. Get ready to feel relaxed and inspired!

Did I mention that we’re smart (and modest too)? This year the Intelligent Community Forum named Stratford as one of the top seven intelligent cities – on the planet! Being the smallest community on the list, the ICF recognizes that we’re “a community that pulls above its weight.”

Also, check out our recently opened Waterloo Stratford Campus. With its special focus on digital media, this is just the first incarnation of what is going to be a spectacular centre of higher education in our downtown core. Take the virtual tour and see what the Waterloo Stratford Campus is all about:

Then there’s our cuisine – I can’t help salivating just thinking about it! We’re home to the renowned Stratford Chefs School, so it’s no wonder we offer some of the best dining experiences going. Our award-winning restaurateurs will have you and your crew drooling. We like to keep it local, from the ground up, thanks to our top-quality local food producers and artisans. And if variety is what you’re looking for, we have it: eat your way across the world in just a few city blocks! Check it out:

Food here is something to celebrate: besides theatre and music, our other festivals include the Savour Stratford Perth County Culinary Festival and the Stratford Garlic Festival. And then there’s chocolate – which in Stratford deserves to be a food group all of its own. Come and find out why the O Network made the trip to Stratford! While you’re here, you can actually take a chocolate tasting tour – how sweet is that? With 21 chocolate destinations to choose from, you’ll definitely need to take a nap before hosting Q! Check it out at:

And of course, to cap it all, we’re the hometown of Justin Beiber. (How could I resist?) So while you’re here, don’t pass up the chance to take the “Beiber-iffic” tour:

There’s just so much to experience in Stratford – and, Jian, on top of all of that, we’re crazy about you and Q! We’d love to have you in town.

So Jian – join us! We’re waiting for you!





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