Take a tour with me!

By: Lisa Middleton

I love Halloween – it’s such a great time of year! And working here at the Festival, I have a lot to draw on for my costume ideas. Our Costume and Props Warehouse is a treasure trove filled with some of the best outfits ever created for the stage. I wish I could bring all of these amazing pieces home with me, but since I can’t, I’ll do the next-best thing: take a tour of the Warehouse and soak up some inspiration. If you haven’t seen this place before, I highly recommend that you book a visit – we have kept almost everything since our first performance in 1953! Tours only operate during the theatre season, so for those of you who won’t be here over the next few days, let me give you a virtual introduction to the Warehouse – and hopefully help out with some last-minute costume ideas!

Drowning in my fur-lined robe… This 40-pound beauty was created for the 1990 production of Love for Love.

Now this is better… Feeling more at home in this     gorgeous cream feathered jacket created by Debra Hansen for the 1993 production of Gypsy!

Getting into one of these isn’t easy…

But somehow I automatically feel more like a lady when I put it on!

A pair of “breeches” designed by Debra Hansen for Macbeth

I like them better as arm-warmers – they’re easier to get on that way!

 A jacket created for the 1996 performance of King Lear.

All this fun is making me sleepy! This silky number was created by Patrick Clarke for the 1989 performance of Titus Andronicus / The Comedy of Errors.

Will the real Lisa please stand up?

Looking regal in this cape designed by Martha Man for the 1995 prodcution of Macbeth!


I hear black is a slimming colour… Don’t tell my boss!

Vrrrooommmmm, I’m ready to roll now.

Fascinator, anyone?

I don’t think I am wearing this the right way… It looks more like I have a spider on my head.

I’m definitely not ready to be a show girl yet!

Maybe a bit over the top for a Monday afternoon at work?

Is that Anne Boleyn?

Feeling like Little Miss Muffet.

 Which ones to choose….

I think turquoise suits me best!

A perfect fit!

What is that part in front for?

Do you remember this jacket from the 2006 performance of London Assurance? One slight difference –Brian Bedford was wearing it!

You might be seeing this fabulous boa in a 2012 production! Can you guess which one?

I like to make an entrance…

Now I’m just missing my gun!

I needed a new pair of winter boots!

Can’t argue with that fit.

Praying for the 2012 season to get here a bit faster.

 They say never judge a girl by the size of her top-hat… But if we were judging, I’m pretty sure I’d win!

Okay… this can’t be right.

Muuuuch better!

YEEEEEEHAAAW. Now I just need the boots!

I found the boots- now if only I could find the right size!

This is sooo heavy… I don’t know how our actors lug this chainmail  around on stage!

Putting this on makes me feel a bit tougher.

So many helmets to choose from…

I think this one suits me best…

Took me a while to get this one on!

I hope you were able to find some inspiration and have a few laughs as you read through this blog! The Warehouse is always tons of fun to visit – you even get the chance to try on costumes during your tour! To find out more, please follow this link: http://www.stratfordfestival.ca/OnStage/beyond.aspx?id=517

Which was your favourite photo?

Happy Halloween, everyone!


7 thoughts on “Take a tour with me!

  1. Thanks for sharing these funny pictures! I returned from Stratford a week ago and was lucky to see “Camelot” ,”The merry wives of Windsor” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” Unforgettable !
    English teacher from Russia

  2. So many costumes – so little time! Whenever I hear about or see the vast number of costumes in the warehouse, I always hope that they see the footlights again in other productions. Are they still available for theatre groups to rent?

    BTW, I think the pink boa may show up in The Matchmaker.

    • The costumes do make it back on stage from time to time- we always try to use what we already have in our warehouse! I do believe that other theatre groups are still able to rent our costumes! As for the Boa- we’ll have to wait and see!!

  3. I went to visit the Stratford warehouse a couple years ago when we did South Pacific at Theatre Ancaster. I had a blast- I was just blown away by how much they had and how organized it was!! If only I could get a job there, I think I’d be in prop heaven.

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