2012 T-Shirt Contest

By Aaron Kropf

This weekend the 2011 season comes to a close, with the exception of Jesus Christ Superstar which may have a long shelf life outside of Stratford. When one season ends that just means another season gears up, and the next season is a big one. 60 years for any institution is huge, and it’s exciting to be a part of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival as it gears up to celebrate this milestone in 2012. As the designers, scene, prop, and costume builders slowly start making their way back to the Festival in the weeks and months ahead we in the social media world are preparing for some exciting things planned.

The first big event we have going on is the second Stratford Shakespeare Festival T-shirt Design Contest! Dayna Manning was the winner of the contest last year with this simple yet elegant design highlighting the Festival Theatre (available for purchase at the Theatre Store or online here). It was exciting to have someone originally from Stratford win the first design contest and look forward to seeing what comes in this year.

This contest will be quite similar to last season except we are going to give you a theme to use to create your t-shirt design instead of leaving it wide open as we did last season. For 2012 we would you create a design on the theme – Celebrating 60 years of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. We challenge you to think about what Stratford means to you and how would you interpret that into a t-shirt design.

Once the contest is officially launched in a couple of weeks you’ll find all the details surrounding the contest include colour choices for the t-shirt is restrictions as to the number of colours you can use in your design.  We couldn’t be more excited about hosting this contest again and hope that you’ll be a part of it and celebrate 60 years of this amazing theatre.


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