By Aaron Kropf

Family. One simple word that means so much. A word that stirs up emotion. An idea that brings up a different set of emotions for each of us. Not only does the word family evoke thoughts of our own families and what it each member means to you but it brings to the forefront of our minds families that we have seen on stage and screen. This season alone we have seen several different families.  On the Festival stage we have a few different family dynamics going on in Camelot. Twelfth Night presents the uniting of twins. Over at the Studio Theatre we saw the struggles of one woman in a close knit family in The Little Years. In The Grapes of Wrath the Joad family shows us what is means to stick together as a family in difficult times. Then we saw different families in Richard III and Titus Andronicus that brought a whole new meaning of family conflicts.

Then along came The Homecoming. This all male family might make us shine a whole new light on our own family. We consider our family because these men really teach us what it means to be dysfunctional.

This is really a family we would like to avoid, and The Homecoming presents a family that is different than many that we see on stage or screen.  The dynamic seems a little strange but when we look at each relation I’m sure it’s something we can all connect to.  What makes watching the action on the stage so uncomfortable is that we are so present.  It’s voyeurism to the extreme because it feels as though we are sitting in the room with everyone because of the incredible set design.

As it is with the word “Family” different reactions and thoughts come out of viewing The Homecoming. It’s interesting to hear from each of you what you were thinking when watching. Cara Ricketts talks about her views on the show in this video created earlier in the year. Her perspective in so unique because she is the only woman in the show, which makes this so interesting:

What’s your take on this unique show?


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