Camelot – A Place for us All

By Aaron Kropf

We all grew up wanting to being princesses or kings or knights because the mythical world of places like Camelot invoke excitement and wonder. So, we put on our crowns or mount our horses (for many of us boys riding our dog was the equivalent of a great stallion) with grab our swords and venture into the wonderful world of our imaginations. Sometimes as we get older we forget about our adventures as knights, kings, queens and princesses until a show like Camelot is mounted and we see it, if for no other reason than, to awaken our sense of adventure.

Gary Griffin (director) and his wonderful cast (lead by Gerain Wyn Davies, Kaylee Harwood, and Jonathan Winsby) draw us into the world that we left behind as children in this season’s production of Camelot. The story is older than any of us, harkening us to a place that was perhaps better than what it is today because it was simpler and perfect.

The beauty of this world and all has to offer has been captured so well by set designer (Debra Hanson) and costume designer (Mara Blumenfeld). The finest example of Camelot’s beauty can be seen in one of the productions big musical numbers The Lusty Month of May:

If seeing Camelot on stage isn’t enough to get you excited we have a huge celebration happening on the street in front of the Avon Theatre Sunday October 2 as part of Culture Days. A Fayre Day in Camelot happens from 10am to 4pm featuring sword fights, live music, face painting, hawk demonstration, costume try-ons and so much more. Don’t miss out on this one day event to celebrate the arts in Stratford and Canada in general.

Finally, to entice you a little more to come to Camelot we are offering you (our blog readers) $29 tickets to the show. Come see Camelot Oct. 7, 8, 12, 13, 16, 21, 23, 29 or 30 for $29 per ticket plus tax in the A, B, C sections of the theatre. To get your tickets login and use promotion code 40863 or follow this link. Don’t miss out on this lively show, and relive you childhood and who knows, when you leave the theatre you just might be ready to head out and slay a dragon.


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