Twelfth Night: Where worlds collide!

By Christi Rutledge

I’m not sure if I’ve ever enjoyed a production of Twelfth Night so much. It was so engaging, funny, fresh, and the music blew me away.  Most scenes take place around a sporting event or some leisure activity – the perfect venue for the characters in Twelfth Night to – quite literally – play around in.  I don’t think anything could replace the pleasure of seeing Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Stephen Ouimette) and Sir Toby Belch (Brian Dennehy) zoom on stage in a golf cart.  I lied – maybe one thing might be better, and that is seeing Mr. Ouimette moonwalk as he prides himself in saying that he has “the back-trick simply as strong as any man in Illyria.” (Twelfth Night I.iii)

Check out this clip to see some fabulous dancing:

I am sure you all noticed that this production doesn’t look like “traditional” Shakespeare. For all of the skeptics, check out this great video clip of our Artistic Director and Twelfth Night director, Des McAnuff, explaining why this production of Twelfth Night just couldn’t be earthbound!

This eclecticism is perhaps best marked by the great variety of original music that has been built into the production. The lyrics are Shakespeare’s own words – as well as a few penned by Christopher Marlowe and Sir Walter Raleigh – and the score invokes all the musical greats of the past 60 years. It is a fabulous collection of the old and the new that highlights just how much Shakespeare’s works resonate with our culture today. Check out the closing number of the production and see how his words have been fused together with a new tune!

If you want to take home the soundtrack to this production, check out our Twelfth Night CD.  (I’m listening to mine right now!)


2 thoughts on “Twelfth Night: Where worlds collide!

  1. We were all so charmed by the cast in the most peculiar ways. It was a treat seeing Mr. Ouimette ace his part– and I had the fortune of seeing it twice! I’ll never forget his plaintive little “I was adored once too.” Half the audience laughed, half went ‘aww…’

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